May 21, 2008

Discovering the New York Subway

It was Senthilnathaswami's first adult visit to New York, and since we stayed at Times Square, we had to take the subway morning and evening to and from Soho.

A great adventure if you have not been in the Big Apple before. Monks from Kauai are also quite a sight for locals here, as this girl's gaze reveals.

Siva is everywhere here. This is among His most energetic and kinetic creations. We are off at dawn to get our flight to San Francisco. More on the MediaBistro from the plane. AUM NAMASIVAYA!


Ben Patrick Johnson said...
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Ben Patrick Johnson said...

Don't worry -- they look at me that same way on the Subway, and I have neither a beard nor a robe. I'm just an oddball.

I think it's something in the New York City municipal tap water, not us. (Then again, it could be us ... hmm)

See you shortly here in Los Angeles. Can't wait!